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Sessions & Workshops 

Private Sound Healing Sessions

What is Sound Healing?

Sound healing is a modality that has been in use for several thousand years.  Sound healing uses vibrational sounds to ease the central and autonomic nervous systems back into balance. 

Sound healing is the most non-invasive form of natural healing, with a profound ability to deeply relax and restore the parasympathetic nervous system. Using therapeutic instruments, the body is brought into perfect resonance with itself, encouraging consonance, coherence, and deep healing of the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. 


Using a synthesis of gong, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls,

therapeutic tuning forks, and my voice, I create a sonic experience as unique as you. 

Covid precautions in place for in-person sessions. Virtual sessions available upon request.

What happens during a session?

Though conversation, we'll assess what our goals will be in each session. You'll be dressed, and on a massage table, where you'll relax and breathe in while Marybeth works her sonic magic. First a short gong bath, some work with the bowls, followed by a balancing of chakras and meridians using specifically calibrated tuning forks. You'll float away on your breath, and relax as never before, while your nervous system entrains to the musical vibrations. 


Sessions are tailored to meet each client's needs.

What are the benefits of  Sound Healing?

  • Through entrainment, your body will become incredibly relaxed, facilitating a deep healing.

  • You'll feel less anxious or stressed.

  • Chronic pain and inflammation are reduced.

  • Great for relieving headaches, neck aches, and physical as well as energetic blockages. 

  • You'll experience heightened sense of clarity and peace.

  • Promote stillness, happiness and well-being.

  • Increase blood flow, circulation, and encourage the digestive system.

  • My clients report sleeping deeply for several nights after a session.

Sound Healing Graphicjpeg.jpg
Tibetan singing bowls with tuning forks.

Centering Circle Sings

Ongoing Weekly

Watch for notification about in-person Sings coming early summer of 2024. 

Completely connect to your innermost self in a centering, relaxed session of mindful chanting and toning. Marybeth creates original guided meditations and chants that are gorgeous and restorative.

  • Settle into your breath and reset your nervous system.

  • Learn techniques of mindful and intentional relaxation you can practice throughout the week

  • Start your day off with a relaxed and grateful smile.

  • Sessions are recorded so you can rewatch later.


"Thank you, Marybeth, for your inspiring morning Centering Circle Sing! They are deeply nourishing, allowing me to find my center, connect with my inner Self, and feel mySelf in community with others...your offering is a most valuable gift!" ~J. Weeks

"Thank you for your music-it's such a life-safer! You have really kept me going, in harmony, breathing and more." Denise G. 

"[I] so appreciate what you give! It nourishes, inspires, warms, grounds and strengthens me for whatever the next hour, the day, the week brings. Thank you from my heart."  Juliane

Mb peak into wellness2.jpg
Centering Circle Sings

Sound Healing Workshops

Sound Healing Group Sessions and Workshops


Offering workshops, sound baths, and group healing sessions in collaboration with local yoga instructors, reiki practitioners, and massage therapists. 

Marybeth provides sound healing sessions for individuals and groups.

You can schedule a private sessions, or join an ongoing group. 

We'll bring a workshop to your group. Just ask! 

Gong resting on an asian oriental tradit

Groups and Teams 

Sessions  for Choirs and Team Building


Marybeth is an excellent team builder, a gifted leader, and can bring a harmonious sound to a group in mere minutes. Bring Marybeth to your team, group, staff, or choir, to experience how much more cohesive a group can become after experiencing a sound session together. 


Let's Get Vocal!

A Video Subscription Series for Vocalists
and Speakers.

Receive a mini-lesson directly to your inbox!

For singers and speakers and anyone else who uses their voice on a regular basis... that must mean YOU! 


Subscribing is easy; you can unsubscribe any time. 

You will receive:

  • 2 videos per month with accompanying downloadable pdf

  • Downloadable audio vocal warm-ups and instructions

  • Access to an online Q & A

  • Only $25 per month 

Music Workshop Subscription

Music Lessons

Private Lessons for Adults – online or in person – are just a click away! 


Teaching piano, voice, theory, and composition, Marybeth specializes in creating a safe, structured, encouraging, fun, and joyous learning experience.


Limited availability; by appointment only. 

sing for joy pic_edited.jpg


Adventure Singing Camps


Experience the synergy of harmony, healing, nature, and community

through these remarkable retreats. 


We will be sauntering in nature, singing, stretching, and engaging in contemplative practices, all in the wonder of the outdoors.

Reconnect, reclaim, renew! 

Singing Adventure Camp
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