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Marybeth Hallinan

Harmony, Nature, Healing, Community.


We are, each of us, Fundamentally Harmonic. 

We need to simply make space for the return to that fundamental frequency which is ours alone. I am committed to providing and facilitating opportunities for those who seek to create harmony through the chaos.

Through the myriad properties of sound, whether in sound tuning sessions, sauntering summits in the natural world, or through joining our voices with others in singing, we are reconnected to our inherent Fundamentally Harmonic selves.

Meet Marybeth 

Marybeth has been known for years as a gifted singer, teacher, director, and guide. Through her wisdom, humor, intuitive strength and grounded presence, she is the perfect companion to your healing or adventuring journey.  Marybeth's expertise, versatility, and non-judgemental approach ease you into your own whole, empowered self.

Marybeth supports you so you can readily access and own your unique voice, be it speaking, singing, playing an instrument, or reconnecting to your inner self to fully live into all of who you are.

Marybeth founded and directs Two Rivers Community ChoirTraverSing Hospice and Palliative Choir, as well as Voicings Adventure Singing Camp and is an intuitive, trained, sound healer.  She has spent a lifetime synthesizing voice, vocation, and livelihood — creating avenues to assist others in doing the same.

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Hear what our clients have to say after a session or workshop. 

Sarah Sim, Sarah Sim Intentional Design  

Marybeth's sound healing sessions are nourishing, relaxing and truly transformative. While she works her magic, I am able to connect with my body on a deep and healing level. Things start to become visible and shift and at the end of each session I feel so rejuvenated. Marybeth literally brings light into your body. I can highly recommend her. 

Sarah  Aborn, Shakti Healing Arts 

Marybeth is a gifted and intuitive healer. Her sessions bring me into resonance, transforming stress into harmonic peace. Her work is powerful and deep! 

Ruth Clark,  RD, LD, MPH   Smart Nutrition

Marybeth Hallinan is all about joy, harmony and love.  She is an intuitive healer with many tools at her fingertips to help in our topsy-turvy world.  Her work in sound healing is exceptional.  If you want to feel more centered, relaxed but filled with vitality and back in balance you owe yourself the gift working with Marybeth.

Pamela D.

Marybeth's nurturing and empathic ways, with the help of her instruments, brought me to a place of thoughtful, relaxed repose, which stayed with me for days after our session. I will definitely be back.

Kap Siddall

Sound healing with Marybeth was a powerful experience that led to a decrease in chronic pain, relaxation, and a wonderful sense of well being.
Absolute magic; I haven't felt this good in years! 

Jen Hudziec, Shamanic Pathways.

Thank you again, so much. What a lovely gift you gave me today. 

Carol Simpson

It's like a massage from the inside out!

What does a session involve? 

"Her harmony came not through the complete absence of chaos, but in realizing that she was resilient enough to come back stronger from anything that she would endure."  ~ Becca Lee, Australian poet

  • Private sessions re-harmonize the body and bring you gently back into homeostasis.

  • Our bodies want to heal themselves; these sessions return the nervous system to an incredibly relaxed space so that healing can occur.

  • Non-invasive and safe.

  • Combining a short, gentle gong bath, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, and therapeutic tuning forks, each session is tailored for your individual needs.

  • 30 -, 45 -, 60 -,  and 75 - minute options available.​

What are the benefits of a session?  

  • Facilitates deep relaxation, thus, a deep emotional and physical healing.

  • Helps alleviate anxiety and depression. 

  • Chronic pain and inflammation are reduced.

  • You'll experience heightened sense of clarity and peace.

  • Sessions induce a deep stillness, promoting happiness and renewed sense of well-being.

  • Sessions can increase blood flow, circulation, and encourage the digestive system.

  • My clients report sleeping deeply for several nights after a session.

  • Benefits of a healing session can last for up to three days. 

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