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Sample: Centering Circle Sings 

In-Person Sound Healing Sessions 

🌻 For yourself, or as a gift! 🌻

Fundamentally Harmonic

Harmony, Nature, Healing, Community 

Our Mission 

Sound Healing for Sound Health 

My work through Fundamentally Harmonic is  a synthesis of a lifelong career as a singer, pianist, educator, director, and intuitive healer; a life rooted in love for my fellow human beings. Music's innate ability to bring people together and to heal have led me naturally to a place of intentional healing through sound.

I am passionate about assisting others to return to their own fundamentally harmonic self. 


The innate properties of sound (using gong, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, and therapeutic healing forks), restore harmony and a deep, healing resonance to your entire body. 


The natural world, in its unaltered state, is profoundly healing. Sound vibrations create patterns which imitate sacred geometry found in nature. Sound healing sessions allow for our bodies to resonate with these healing, harmonic frequencies.  

Sunflower natural background. Sunflower

Sound healing is the most non-invasive form of natural healing, with a profound ability to deeply relax and restore the parasympathetic nervous system. Sessions help release emotional and energetic blocks in our bodies, promoting a deep healing from within. 


We engage directly with the community, offering workshops, sound baths, and group healing sessions in collaboration with local yoga instructors, reiki practitioners, and massage therapists. 

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